Gearing up

The sea plane only allows 24 pounds of luggage in a 10x16x24 inch bag. The size of a small duffel bag. Rachel and I laid out all of the stuff we need for a nearly 100 nautical mile trip on a boat that doesn't have much on it. Toilet paper, charts, GPS, cameras, foul weather gear, sleeping bags, and food - all in 24 pounds?

It happened. Amazingly, both our bags fit the size and weight limit. We will buy some food in Victoria once we get there. We're hoping that our friends will drive up and meet us in Port Angeles for the night and can bring some extra gear for us. It would be fun to have some extra celebrating crew aboard. I've been saving this gallon size champagne bottle - maybe they could bring that up too. It's not a party until the
cork pops.