The big plan

We're picking up the boat this weekend. It's been so crazy trying to figure out all the tides, titles, currents, customs, marinas, and money. Yikes!

The plan... We're having the boat delivered to Victoria, then 10am sea plane flight, hop on the boat, sail 20 miles to Port Angeles, check into customs, and stay for the night. Then we'll scurry as far down into the Sound as we can. A strong ebb tide will be gently tugging us back the way we came, slowing us down. I'm doubtful we can make it to my new marina in Bremerton before dark. Plan B is to stop in Edmonds if it gets dark and hitch a ride home - some how.

I checked out the marina that I'll keep the boat at today. I took my bike onto the ferry and rode about a mile to the marina. The lady that works there is super nice. She told me where to get really cheap boat insurance! I'm getting a killer deal over there too.