Saturday, December 7, 2013


The sun sets without notice. It will.rise without notice. It is beautiful whether we gaze upon it or not.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Trip to Lexington

Upon arriving at the farmhouse outside Lexington, KY Rachel's dad pulled out his huge jar of home made pickles and began making his famous bourbon balls.
Out the window above the kitchen sink, one looks out at the barn and the acres of rolling fields covered in white snow contrasting with the black fences that trace the contour of the land.
Out front, the bare trees cast long shadows over the frosted lawn and across the house.

Switch from carbon fuels

Flying over Seattle and Lake Washington at night.
The predawn flight took off heading north with a bank turn to starboard tipping our wings low enough to see the I-90 bridge crossing Lake Washington and connecting Mercer Island to Seattle. The silhouette of the mountain range lies on the horizon.

It requires a lot of energy to light up the surface of the Earth. In Seattle, each home draws energy from a hydro-electric power plant. In Kentucky, my final destination, from the aircraft you can see plumes of steam arising from their coal powered plants. Departing after sunset in Louisville reveals the scale of the energy problem that we face today.

Twenty thousand feet in the air, one can see a thousand square miles of the glowing grid powered by carbon fuels that is destroying our natural world. The sixth mass extinction has begun. The spasm of permanent loss to the diversity of life, that which is the creation of life on Earth, will leave a void not only to future generations but on a cosmic scale, a deeply devastating blow to billions of years of creation that exists on this blue jewel that orbits inside the Milky Way Galaxy.

Our belief of personal fulfillment through material acquisition is compounded by inability to see the ramifications of our consumption. Ultimately, we will risk the entire creation to propel the human race into directions not guided by human moral values but human material values. Only through outspokenness and commitment to lives guided by globally minded values we may turn the helm of our ship and avert this inevitable tragic disaster from occurring.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tools for the human hand

Look at all these tools that we have created. These are just to feed ourselves.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sunset at Shilshole

Sunset after racing in the Puget Sound Sailing Championship (PSSC) outside of Shilshole.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sketch of Bremerton's Harborside Fountain Park

A crisp Autumn morning above the Harborside Fountain Park in Bremerton, WA. My fingers were frigid despite the glaring sun over head. The fountains take turns erupting violently with water, shooting fifteen feet into the air, and then collapsing over the top of the fountain. The ferry to Seattle pulls in every hour or so and the small foot ferries to Port Orchard depart more often, taking passengers on the short dash across the bay.

Sketch of Manette Bridge

Twice a day the Manette bridge, east of downtown Bremerton, WA, has millions of gallons of sea water rush under its arches. Filling and draining Dyes Inlet with the rising and falling of the tides caused by the gravity of our orbiting moon. Don't get caught up in the current as you do not have a choice in where it will take you.